2009年3月12日 星期四

[firefox]kubuntu 使用firefox radio checkbok 很醜解法

The checkbox and radio buttons in Firefox in Kubuntu not rendered well when focused

By abhishekbarua

The checkboxes and radio buttons in Firefox in Kubuntu 8.04 not rendered well when focused.

The solution to this is :

Open Konsole
sudo apt-get install human-theme gtk2-engines-murrine qtcurve gtk2-engines-qtcurve
sudo ln -s .gtkrc-2.0-kde .gtkrc-2.0
Open System settings -> Appearance -> GTK styles and fonts
In gtk styles, choose use another style and select qtcurve (this goes well with the default kubuntu theme)

Close System settings and open firefox.

Enjoy a better firefox in Kubuntu.